Thomas Dudley Vantage Single Flush Cistern + Piazza Button 325286

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Thomas Dudley Vantage Single Flush Cistern + Piazza Button 325286

This Thomas Dudley Vantage Concealed Cistern is Designed specifically for bathroom furniture, the pneumatically operated Thomas Dudley vantage cistern is supplied factory assembled and with front and top access panels, Single flush (6 litre) Niagara flush valve, Square Piazza chrome push button, side connections and a 390 x 290mm flushbend.

The Thomas Dudley vantage Cistern fits into furniture units as small as 500mm wide x 200mm deep x 800mm high when used with BS pans. Front access enables it to be completely hidden behind furniture (inset 2) with no unsightly inspection holes and covers in sight (inset 3). The result is an aesthetically pleasing, hygienic, easy-clean surface.

The Thomas Dudley Vantage Cistern comes complete with a Piazza Square Single Flush Button which fits into a 73.5mm hole.

The Vantage cistern consists of two parts:

  • Vantage Single Flush Cistern 319738
  • Piazza Single Flush Square Button 325337

Both items are packaged together.


  • The Vantage concealed cistern has been designed specifically for use in bathroom furniture.
  • It is also ideal for use behind tiles and partitioning and in most other concealed applications.


  • Unlike traditional concealed cisterns, the Vantage is supplied factory assembled for quick and easy installation.
  • WRAS approved Dudley Niagara flushing valve.
  • WRAS approved Dudley Hydroflo quiet inlet valve.
  • Push-fit water inlet elbow.
  • Push-fit flushbend.
  • Integral isolating valve.
  • Air tubes enable button, plate or sensor to be installed up to 750mm away from cistern.
  • Compact concealed cistern dimensions fit neatly into furniture units as small as 500mm (w) x 200mm (d) x 800mm (h)
  • Front and top access panels.
  • Unique concealed cistern fixing brackets.
  • Removes need to cut access holes into vanity tops.
  • Side inlet.
  • WC cistern body in high density polyethylene.
  • Internal overflow warning.
  • Internal parts comply with the Regulator's Specification.

Water Saving:

  • The Vantage concealed cistern offers 6/4 litre dualflush.
  • 6 litre single flush.
  • Delay fill Hydroflo inlet valve only allows cistern to start refilling once flushing is complete.
  • Approved under the Bathroom Manufacturer's Association Water Label Scheme.
  • Supports Code for Sustainable Homes and BREEAM.
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