Thomas Dudley Hydroflo Telescopic Brass Bottom Inlet Valve 324302

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Thomas Dudley Hydroflo Telescopic Bottom Inlet Float Valve 324302 with Free Standard Delivery in the UK

Description: The Thomas Dudley Hydroflo Float Valve is a perfect replacement inlet valve for most ceramic and plastic WC cisterns. Ensure inlet height is appropriate for the size of cisten it is to be used in. 


  • Innovative float valve that have been designed to provide the perfect replacement in most plastic and ceramic exposed and concealed cisterns.


  • Hydroflo float valves come with a compact body, float arm and float.
  • A silence tube makes the Hydroflo one of the quiestest toilet fill valves.
  • A unique key is provided for simple and safe removal of the filter.
  • The unique float arm makes it impossible for the float to become detached.
  • Two built in backflow prevention devices provide assured safety.
  • Hydroflo float valves are WRAS approved.
  • This Telescopic model can adjust in size to suit your cistern whether you are replacing an valve in a old cistern or a new installation.

Adjustment: 203mm (8") - 292mm (11½)


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