Thomas Dudley Hydroflo Quiet Side Inlet Float Valve 313079

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Thomas Dudley Hydroflo Quiet Side Inlet Float Vave 313079 with Free Standard Delivery in the UK


Designed and manufactured in the UK, the Hydroflo has been subjected to rigorous and exhaustive testing. It meets the requirements of BS1212 Part 4, passing 200,000 cycle endurance tests and is 100% tested before leaving the factory. As a result, durability and reliability are supplied as standard making the Hydroflo ideal for use in most domestic and commercial WC cisterns.

Special Features


Every Hydroflo valve is fitted with a silence tube or exceptionally quiet after flush filling.

A useful key is attached to the divertor allowing quick and simple removal of the filter without any risk of damage.

The unique float stem  is securely retained by the float arm, making it impossible for the float to become detached once installed. The float height can be simply adjusted whilst the float arm ratchet enables very precise final water level adjustments to be made. Once set, the float level stays firmly in place.

With health and safety firmly in mind, Hydroflo valves boast two built in backflow prevention devices. An air break above the silence tube and a special membrane inside the head of the valve stop bacteria that may be present in the cistern from entering and contaminating the mains supply. This makes the Hydroflo one of the safest valves available.

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