Talon Hinged Locking Clip 28mm (Pack of 10)

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Talon Hinged Locking Clip 28mm (pack of 10)

Hinged Clip

The Talon Hinged Clip offers a strong and secure fixing for pipework. Manufactured in the UK this high quality polypropylene clip offers the user a secure fixing.
Allowing 360 degree pipe support it has a self locking top, the integral hinge moulded into the clip can be flexed more than one million times without breaking due to the long chain molecular structure of the material.

All sizes of Talon clip can be connected together via the dovetail to allow for equal pipe spacing.

Available in a wide range of sizes and choice of colours.

Single Hinged Clip

The single hinged clip is now available in a range of sizes in both ‘standard’ format which accommodates a single diameter pipe to be used. The ‘Flexi-Clip’ range offers the user a clip that will allow pipes of different diameters to fit into the one clip.

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