Talbot Matrix Boundary Box 25mm

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Talbot Matrix Boundary Box 25mm E9859 with Free Standard Delivery in the UK.

The Talbot Matrix Boundary Box is a telescopic, selfcontained chamber system that is used to provide a safe and clean environment for concentric meters.The Talbot Matrix Meterbox was designed in response to customer requirements and includes a variety of features that provide benefits to all users - in fact, to everyone involved in the meter supply chain.Whether a meterbox is needed for retro-fitting or one for a new housing development, the Talbot Matrix Boundary Boxwill suit your needs.  


Using only standard tools Matrix
can be easily installed, operated and maintained.
The Moulded one piece telescopic
chamber greatly reduces the risk of leaks.
Excellent Visibility and access to both the meter
and the control valve is provided by the surface box lid.
The 16bar pressure rating gives excellent performance
even exceeding the typical 12 bar pipe pressure rating.
The robust plastic surface box has a load bearing capacity of
over 20 kn
The removable square surface box flange aids back filling and
can be rotated through 360deg to make final alignment with
paving materials easy.
Fully designed and tested to WIS specifications.





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