Riello Solenoid Coil 3002279 (RBS04)

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Riello Solenoid Coil, Part No: 3002279 with Free Standard Delivery in the UK

This Solenoid coil is used within the Riello R40 burner models, this compact burner was common in early oil boilers from all main manufacturers before moving onto the current RDB burner range. 

The Solenoid Coil can be found in the following models listed below:

20030780, 20030785, 20030870, 20039828, 20039832, 3743753, 3744454, 3744515, 3744856, 3746767, 3746613, 3746686, 3747455, 3747469, 3748251, 3748409, 3748414, 3748415, 3748418, 3749251, 

These numbers can be found on the data plate which is on the Riello burner, if you are unsure feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help. 

Riello Part Number 3002279

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