Waste & Traps

At Buy Plumbing Online our range of Waste Traps and Toilet Pan Connectors are second to none. With our extensive range of these products you'll find the ideal compact basin trap for that new wash hand basin or a flexible pan connector to link up the soil pipe to your toilet pan.
With leading brands including Mcalpine, Multikwik and Floplast to name a few, we have the stocks from these major brands at competitive prices and of course FREE Nationwide delivery with no minimum spend.
Fitting a new kitchen sink and cannot decide on the correct trap for the job? Ideally you want to plumb in your kitchen sink whilst retaining as much space within the cupboard for your household items, with our range of kitchen sink traps with space saving options will help you achieve this. Trying to connect in a dishwasher or washing machine to a new or existing kitchen trap? We have complete Kitchen sink traps with multiple washing machine and dishwasher spigots or adapters to work with existing traps.

When it comes to waste pipe fittings we have you covered with our range solvent weld and mechanical fittings if you are a plumber or a confident diy enthusiast solvent weld fittings produce a neat and tidy job and with stock on our shelves in three main sizes 32,40 & 50mm you will find all the correct parts for the job, The great thing about Mechanical waste pipe fittings they offer you the option of fitting and checking for size and layout and if its not right or you need to make a change you can simply disconnect and make your changes and refit accordingly.

The price you see on all of our products is the price you pay there is no hidden extra costs and with FREE Nationwide delivery with no minimum spend. If you are looking for a particular fitting or could use some advice please feel free to contact us and we would happy to help.

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