MDPE Pipe & Fittings

MDPE Pipe and Fittings have a variety of uses, whether its a water supply to a house, garage, green house, stables or water trough in a field they all use the same blue alkathene pipework and fittings. Sizes differ depending on use for example most houses tend to use a 25mm or in some cases for larger properties 32mm whereas a greenhouse, stable or a water trough on a farmers field would tend to use the smaller 20mm pipe size.
MDPE Blue Alkathene pipe comes a range of coil sizes from 25 up to 100 metre coils and are neatly coiled for easy dispatch.

When it comes to MDPE pipe fittings Plasson are a world leader in this market with fittings and adapters for all kinds of situations whether you are trying to tie into an old lead or black water pipe with its non standard size or adapt from MDPE Alkathene to copper with Plasson's extensive range you'll find all the parts for the job available on the shelf for same day dispatch.

The price you see on all of our products is the price you pay there is no hidden extra costs with FREE Nationwide delivery and no minimum spend. If you are looking for a particular fitting or could use some advice please feel free to contact us and we would happy to help.

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