Plasson Plass 4 Universal Coupling 27-35mm x 25mm 77017253

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Plasson Plass 4 Universal Coupling 27-35mm x 25mm 77017253

Whether your existing pipe is Copper / Lead / Galvanised Steel / PVCu or Polyethylene, the Plass 4 will make an immediate joint. 


Plasson Series 7 mechanical compression fittings for Polyethylene pipe have been in continuous use since the early 60's. Many millions of such fittings are providing safe & reliable connections for water mains throughout the world. The Series 7 line consists of a large range of fitting types, sizes and patterns with many unique solutions for everyday problems. Compression fittings and valves connect PE to PE pipes. Adaptors for connecting various other pipes such as steel, copper, PVC, PP and PB are also available. These fittings are used in the municipal and rural sectors, mining, industry, agriculture and communication lines. The products are approved by major European and global agencies for use on potable water.


Excessive torque during tightening can cause nut deformation and result in joint failure; therefore use a Plasson wrench or other spanner with handle length not greater than 46 cm. If fittings are reused, avoid pull outs by ensuring the split ring is sharp and bites into the pipe. Alternatively replace split ring.
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