Plasson Coupling 20mm 070100020

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Plasson 20mm Coupling suitable for Blue Metric Polyethylene pipe with Free Standard Delivery in the UK.

Plasson Mechanical Compression PP fittings offer solutions for connecting PE pipes, used for conveying water and other fluids in urban and inter-urban infrastructure, industrial, mining, landscape and farming applications and for carrying communication lines.

Plasson Mechanical Compression Fittings are designed to withstand working pressures of up to 16bar, and also include valves which allow the regulation of flow. These fittings are manufactured in diameters ranging from 16mm to 160mm.

If you require to adapt from Blue Metric Polyethylene to Black Imperial pipe or copper, these are available in Plasson category.

Size: 20mm x 20mm

Plasson Code: 070100020
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