OSO SXD250 Super SX Unvented Cylinder Direct 250Ltr

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OSO Super SXD250 Unvented Cylinder Direct 250Ltr 1080 2655

Product Information:

The OSO Super Xpress Unvented Direct Cylinder has a unique, integrated expansion solution factory fitted. All pipes & connections are also hidden under an insulated top lid. Factory fitted components drastically reduces fitting time, making the Super Series Hot Water Cylinder virtually a pre-plumbed unit. Duplex Stainless Steel makes the Super Series extremely lightweight & space efficient for easy handling & installation. Low heat loss, dedicated secondary return, impressive heat up & recovery times and a 25 year guarantee. 

The Super Xpress is a quantum leap in unvented cylinder design. All pipes, expansion vessels and electric cables are hidden from view beneath an insulated removable lid giving the neatest possible installation. A bespoke multifunction valve, including a unique blending valve is factory fitted with the supplied expansion vessels to make the Super Xpress virtually a pre-plumbed unit. Adjustable feet are also integrated.

The SXIQ has a Smart Controller as standard which lowers temperature during periods with low consumption. The water heater will constantly monitor and learn the habits of the household often replacing the traditional programmer.

Smart Controller will save energy and money for the consumer by limiting the energy used to the predicted household requriements for water heating, drecreasing energy bills by up to 20% 

The SX heats to 70°C, with water then blended to 60°C when drawn off, increasing available hot water compared to others.

Cylinders from 150 litres are fitted with twin immersion heaters, suitable for off-peak tariffs.

All pipes connect to the Super SX from the rear, allowing them to be concealed from view. The installer fits the pipes to the back wall together according to a supplied template and finally slides the cylinder into place to marry the valve connections with the pre-cut pipe tails.

OSO Product Code: SXD250

Key advantages of the OSO Super SX Unvented Cylinder Direct:

  • Unique, integrated and factory fitted expansion solution and control valve.
  • Superior heat up & recovery times and suitable for off-peak tariffs.
  • Laser welded Duplex steel, OSO ECO Foam insulation and 25 year guarantee.
  • 20% More Hot Water than other cylinders 
  • Smart Controller Intelligent Thermostat
  • Pipes and Cables hidden
  • Fitting Template provided


Tecnical Information:

Product Code: 1080 2655

Weight: 43 KG

Diameter: 580mm x 1550mm

Actual Volume: 242 Litres

Thermostat Setting: 70°C


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