Multi Flap Rodent Barrier MF-1

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MultiFlap Anti Cross-Flow Rodent Barrier with Free Standard Delivery in the UK

Description: The Multiflap is a one-way non-return valve that fits easily to the waste pipe of your toilet. This means waste still goes down the waste pipe but immediately after the flap closes to prevent anything nasty coming up the wrong way. 


  • Can be used to prevent vermin entering your property via your toilet.
  • Prevent cross flow in toilets that are situated back to back.
  • Minimise the backflow of sewage waste in the case of a blockage in underground pipes
  • Help in flood prone areas by preventing solid matter coming back up into thje toilet.
  • This Multiflap works by replacing the seal on the WC connector, the MultiFlap is used with the WC connector and fits into the 4"/110mm waste pipe as shown in the picture below:

Size: 4"/110mm



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