McAlpine FLEXCON1 Flexible Connector 1.25"

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McAlpine Flexcon1 Flexible Connector

The Flexcon1 flexible connector from McAlpine offers a great solution when a standard waste fitting does not meet the job requirements.

The McAlpine Flexcon1 comes with a plain spigot at one end which can be fitted into any multi-fit trap or waste fitting whilst the opposite end has a universal mult-ifit connection.

With a maximum length of 18" the Flexcon1 offers a quick fix for any bathroom installation where connecting the waste from a trap on a basin to the waste pipe is not straight forward. 

Size: 1.25" (32mm)

Flexcon1 Length: 18" (515mm end to end)

Material: Polypropylene

Mcalpine Part Number: FLEXCON1



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