McAlpine 1¼ Basin P Trap Anti-Syphon SA10V

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McAlpine 1¼" P Trap Anti-Syphon SA10V

The Mcalpine 1¼" anti-syphon P trap is commonly used in bathrooms ensuites or cloakroom basins where the waste pipe would generally come out of the wall rather than coming from the floor.

What is Anti-Syphon?

• By drawing air through the Valve, the Silentrap neutralises syphonic pressure before it reaches the seal of the Trap and therefore provides the equivalent of a ventilated system without the installation of costly and unsightly ventilation pipes
• The Silentrap has been most rigorously tested and will not unseal, even under the most abnormal conditions
• The Silentrap should continue to be effective irrespective of the distance between the appliance and the soil pipe

Whenever syphonic conditions develop, the negative pressure causes the Valve to rise, allowing air to be drawn into the discharge pipe. The pressure is thereby neutralised before it can have any effect on the water seal within the Trap. On cessation of the syphonic action, the Valve closes, making the Silentrap air and watertight

• The major advantage of the Silentrap over Resealing Traps is that because the air is drawn through the Valve and not through the water seal, gurgling is eliminated and a much quieter discharge is ensured
• Eliminates the need for secondary ventilation
• Silentrap Valves are available on a wide range of Bottle, Tubular and Bath Traps
• Silentraps


DescriptionMcAlpine 1¼" Anti-Syphon P Trap

Size: 1¼" (32mm waste pipe)

Anti Syphon: Yes

Water Seal: 75mm

Standard:  EN 274-1:2002

McAlpine Product Code: SA10V

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