Manrose Showerlite Fan Chrome SLKTC

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Manrose Showerlite Fan Chrome SLKTC


The Manrose Showerlite is a distinctive Showerlite which is incoroporated into a cirular diffuser, suitable for shower and bathrooms.  Now available in 100mm (4"), 120mm (5") and 150mm (6") versions.


The Showerlite can be used within the splash area of the shower or bath and is powered by a S.E.L.V. remote safety isolating transformer.


The Showerlite is suitable for any 100mm (4"), 120mm (5") and 150mm (6") in-line system such as the Manrose SF/ID range of in-line axial fans or the CFD/MAN range of in-line centrifugal fans.


Available in three colours: white, brass and chrome, the Manrose Showerlite will enhance any shower or bathroom providing a rich warm glow of soft light.


The Showerlite is available separately in boxed carton packaging or in blister packs with or without transformer.  They are also available in a blister fan kit pack.  Each pack is supplied complete with fan (available with or without timer), Showerlite unit, transformer, one length of PVC flexible ducting, external wall grille, fixing screws, plugs and straps.

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