Mangers Radiator Reflector Panel Premium Deluxe 2m x 47cm

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Mangers Radiator Reflector Panel Premium Deluxe 2m x 47cm with Free Standard Delivery in the UK

This product when fitted will help reflect the heat from a radiator back into the room rather than escaping through the wall, which in turn can help reduce the heat lose and possibly cut already high heating bills.

This Mangers Radiator Reflector panel product is great for any DIY enthusiast with minimal installation time and very little tools or knowledge required. Full instructions are listed below which also come with the product.


  • Reduces heat loss by up to 50%
  • Insulates and reflects
  • Easily applied in minutes
  • Recommended by British Gas and the Solid Fuel Advisory Service


Length: 2M

Width: 47cm

Coverage: 0.94 sq.m


Turn off the radiator.

Measure the length of the radiator.

Using scissors or a sharp knife, cut the foil to slightly less than this size, making appropiate slits for the radiator fixings brackets. This ensures maximum wall coverage without being visible .

Apply heavy duty wallpaper paste, adhesive or double sided sticky pads to the reverse of the foil.

Press firmly onto the wall using a roller, broom handle or timber batten taking care that any trapped air is squeezed out.

Allow adhesive to dry before turning on the radiator.

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