Macdee Wirquin Jollyflush Universal Cistern Kit 10120208

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Macdee Wirquin Jollyflush Universal Cistern Kit 10120208

The Macdee Wirquin Jollyflush Valve is a perfect option for changing an existing flush valve with a 1.1/2" & 2" outlet. The Jollyflush Dual Flush valve can be used in cisterns ranging from 300mm - 420mm in height. The unique design of the Jollyflush valve allows it to be used on cisterns with a front or top flush button/lever. Also Included the Jollyfill Bottom Inlet Valve from Macdee Wirquin is a unique inlet valve with the telescopic height making it an ideal universal option for new and old cisterns. With its delayed action when refilling the Jollyfill is a perfect Water saving device along with its resistance to spikes in pressure up to 20 bar.

  • Dual Flush
  • 1.1/2" & 2" Outlet
  • Adjustable Internal Overflow 240mm - 270mm
  • Suitbale for Top of Front operated cisterns
  • Can fit button hole sizes from 14 - 46mm
  • Flush Rate: 2.2 l/m 
Features Macdee Wirquin Inlet Valve
  • Inlet 1/2" BSP Thread.
  • Filling Rate at 0.1 bar 3.8 l/m
  • Functioning Range 0.1 up to 16 bar
  • Resistant to peaks of pressure up to 20 bar
  • Water Saving delayed action
  • Patented system against unreasonable tightening 
  • Ultra quiet 17 decibels
  • Anti siphoning 
  • Eliminates water hammer


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