Macdee Slim 90mm Chrome Dome Waterless Shower Trap 30120015

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Macdee Slim 90mm Chrome Dome Water-less Shower Trap 30120015

The Macdee Wirquin Slim 90mm Water-less Shower trap is the most compact shower trap on the market only 60mm deep ideal for low level shower trays. The Slim 90 is suitable for all 90mm synthetic and stone resin shower trays and is a great problem solver for refurbishments. The silicon membrane guarantees excellent flow rates and acts as a vapour barrier and air admittance valve. 
Advantages of a membrane type siphon:
  • Anti back siphoning system
  • No smell guarantee, the membrane replaces the water trap.
  • Easy to maintain, top access membrane with removable hair filter.
  • High performance flow rate-up to 34 litrss per minute (achievable in 15mm head of water with membrane)
  • Shallow depth provides increased under-tray drainage fall A problem solver for refurbishments.
  • Five year guarantee 

Part Number: 30120015

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