Interpart A-Class High Efficiency Central Heatig Pump INP0117

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Interpart A-CLass High Efficiency Central Heating Pump INP0117

This Interpart High Efficiency Central Heating Pump is the perfect solution for replacing any exsisting standard efficiency pump. With the pump centres (130mm) keeping within exisiting pump centres no altering of pipe work will be required.

The Interpart INP130-25 series of circulator pump is designed to pump hot water around a domestic heating system. Systems best suited to the application of pumps are:

  • Constant and variable flow
  • Variable temperatures
  • Systems with a night mode
  • Domestic heating systems

The INP130-25 series uses a permanent magnet motor and differential pressure controller to continuously adjust the pump performance to meet the systems current demands. The control panel allows the user to set the pump to the desired performance level.

Easy Installation and start up. The INP130-25 series circulator pump has an AUTO setting so the pump can be installed and started without any adjustments. In this configuration it automatically adjusts itself to meet the current requirements of the system.




  • ErP ready 5m Pump
  • 2015 Regulation Ready
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Standard 11/2" Hydraulic fixings
  • Digital Display
  • Quick fit electrical connection
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Standard 130mm centres

Interpart Part Number: INP0117, INP130-25-5A

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