Heating is such a crucial part of any household and at Buy Plumbing Online we stock a wide range of Heating parts and spares such as underfloor electric heating to Central heating controls. Hot Water Cylinders are now a vital part of the house, who doesn't like a long hot shower after a hard day? And nothing beats a Pressurised Unvented Hot Water Cylinder for performance, with options for directly heated electric or indirectly heated from another source like an oil or gas boiler etc. Solar panels can also contribute to heating up the water within your tank making them a flexible option as apposed to a combi-boiler. OSO have also launched the A rated Delta coil cylinder which is one of the most efficient cylinders on the market and helping house builders achieve SAP energy requirements.


Heating controls have changed in recent years and the homeowner has more control than ever before with digital touch screen controls to app based thermostats that you can control remotely. At Buy Plumbing Online you'll find a wide range of options from trusted industry manufacturers like Danfoss and Drayton who cover all aspects of heating and hot water controls from basic dial stats to smart phone controlled wireless thermostats.


How you maintain your heating system has never been more important and regular servicing of your boiler and hot water cylinder is key but other ways including using central heating treatments like inhibitors and antifreeze can help maintain a functional system. A new way of protecting your heating is a magnetic filter which can be retrofitted within an existing system. The magnetic filter this works by removing any metal particles and build up of sludge within the system by using magnets and a filter. This can be beneficial and save you money in the long term by prolonging the lifespan of key heating components like pumps and motorised valves whilst also preventing cold spots in radiators which can be tough to remove without power flushing.


If you are looking for a particular heating item or could use some advice please feel free to contact us and we would happy to help.

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