Grant MPCBS43 Circulating Wilo Pump

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One of the most crucial parts on an oil boiler the Grant oil boiler circulating pump is responsible for circulating the water around your heating and hot water pipes and ensuring this is working efficiently is critical. A heating system which has little or no central heating inhibitor can result in a build-up of sludge within the system and as a result can cause cold spots on radiators and also put strain on the Grant Wilo Pump impeller which in turn can cause the pump to fail prematurely.

Maintaining your heating system by annual cleaning and adding inhibitor will not only prolong the lifespan of the working components of your heating system but also will enable your system to run more efficiently.

If you require a replacement Grant boiler pump you can rest assured that at Buy Plumbing Online we have these on the shelf ready for dispatch with Free delivery and same day dispatch for orders placed before 2pm Monday to Friday you can be guaranteed your order will be processed fast and efficiently.


This Grant MPCBS43 Water Pump Wilo 6m is compatible with the following boilers:

Grant Vortex Pro Condensing (15-36kw)

Grant Vortex Pro Condensing Combi (15-36kw)

Vortex Pro Combi

Vortex Eco Range

Vortex Eco Wall Hung



Combi MKII

Combi V3


If your grant boiler has a Grundfos 25-60 pump Grant no longer use part number MPCBS23, it has been superseded by MPCBS43 Grant Wilo Pump. This will require the whole pump being changed over rather than just the head.  



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