Grant MPCBS124 3 Bar Pressure Relief Valve

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A common issue we find from customers is “Why is my pressure relief valve dripping” or " My Grant combi boiler losing pressure". A pressure relief valve works as a safety device on a boiler to prevent a build-up of pressure within a sealed heating system. For example if the hose going to the expansion vessel becomes blocked or the expansion vessel itself fails the pressure in the heating system will build up as the water has nowhere to expand. Once the pressure within the system has matched the rating of the Grant pressure relief valve water will then start to pass through the Grant 3 Bar pressure relief valve.

Common causes of pressure relief valve failure can be the bladder within the expansion vessel failing or the expansion vessel hose can become blocked. A way of checking the expansion vessel is removing the cap of the Schrader valve and testing the pressure within the vessel, if water comes through the valve the vessel has failed. Once a pressure relief valve has started passing water it is good practice to change the valve along with the part that has failed within the boiler.

At Buy Plumbing Online we stock Grant vortex pressure relief valves for all current and discontinued Grant boilers on the shelf with same day dispatch for orders placed before 2pm Monday to Friday and of course our standard delivery is FREE within the UK.

Grant 3 Bar Pressure Relief Valve MPCBS124 is compatible with the following Grant boilers:

Grant Combi V3 Internal

Grant Vortex Pro Condensing Kitchen and utility models

Grant Vortex Pro Condensing combi internal and external boilers

Grant Vortex Eco Wall hung model

Grant Part Number: MPCBS124

Grant have updated this pressure relief from a 2.5 bar to a 3 bar model. The part number has changed from MPCBS50 to MPCBS124

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