Fluidmaster Flapper Adjustable for 1.5” Flush Valve 502074

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Fluidmaster Flapper Adjustable for 1.5” Flush Valve 502074


Fluidmaster Replacement Flapper for 1.5” Flush Valve - Adjustable + Water Saving with Easy Install

The Flapper by Fluidmaster has been designed for the Fluidmaster 1.5” flush valve - it features an easy install with the ability to be adjusted as per requirements with a simple turn to adjust design function.

If you’re wondering what a toilet flapper actually does - wonder no longer! A toilet flapper allows your toilet to flush. So, when a flapper is damaged or perhaps leaking, it will result in a poorer or weakened flush and cause the toilet to refill frequently. You can address this easily by replacing the ill functioning flapper with a new one.

Common issues the Flapper by Fluidmaster will address:

  • Weak or slow flush
  • Double flush – when the toilet flushes twice
  • Constantly running toilet – water leaking from cistern into the pan
  • Water waste – using more water than is necessary

Features and benefits of the Flapper by Fluidmaster:

  • Fits most flush valves (upto 2”)
  • Easy install: snaps to mounting ears on overflow pipe
  • Strong kink-free chain
  • Rigid frame precisely aligns flapper on outlet
  • Adjustable so you can control the amount of water used per flush
  • Genuine Fluidmaster part / spare

Fluidmaster product code: 502074

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