Dunsley Highlander Operating Tool 02017

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Dunsley Highlander Stove Operating Tool
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The operating tool is compatible with the following Dunsley Highlander stoves:
Highlander 3
Highlander 3 Enviroburn
Highlander 5
Highlander 5 Enviroburn
Highlander 5 Enviroburn SOLO
Highlander 5 SOLO
Highlander 5 Enviroburn SOLO Slim-line
Highlander 7
Highlander 7 Enviroburn SOLO
Highlander 7 SOLO
Highlander 8
Highlander 8CH
Highlander 8 Enviroburn SOLO
Highlander 8 SOLO
Highlander 8CH SOLO
Highlander 8DF
Highlander 8DF SOLO
Highlander 10
Highlander 10 SOLO
Highlander 10 CH
Highlander 10 CH SOLO
Highlander 16 CH SOLO

A Dunsley Operating Tool looks like a stumpy 2 pronged fork-like utensil with a couple of holes at either end. Its an essential tool to help you use your stove easily and correctly.
You will need the operating tool to ensure you have the grate bars in the correct position depending on whether you are burning wood or other fuels.
The operating tool is also used to de-ash the fire. This is done by fitting the tool into the boss (little knob) on the right hand side of the stove. This turns the tool into a lever with which you can agitate to dump the ash into the ash pit for removal.


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