Dunsley Highlander 10 Back Brick 02383

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Dunsley Highlander 10 back stove fire brick

Product code: back brick (02383)
This item is sold individually or part of a set - purchasing a set offers a significant saving when compared to purchasing the bricks separately.

The Dunsley Highlander stove models for which this particular brick is compatible are below:

  • Highlander 10
  • Highlander 10 Solo

Each brick measures approximately: 320mm x 210mm x 25mm

The Highlander 10 and Highlander 10 Solo stove models both use 2 back bricks. Depending on your replacement needs please ensure you add the correct quantity of bricks to your shopping basket.

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The fire bricks inside your stove will be found at the back and the sides of the inside of your stove. From time to time small cracks may appear on the bricks but these are perfectly normal due to the high temperatures in the stove and you should only have to replace these if the bricks start to break apart. If you're looking to purchase replacement bricks we sell them individually and also in sets depending on your needs.

With regards to replacing the bricks, the process is fairly straightforward. The side bricks are held in place by a bracket on either side, they are not fixed into place and so to access them for removal and replacement you lift up the bracket then you will be able to take them out. Once you have the side bricks out you will then be free to remove the throat plate and then the back bricks can be taken out.

Here on Buy Plumbing Online we exclusively stock genuine authentic Dunsley Stove parts and spares for your Highlander wood burning stoves and we recommend regular inspection and maintenance of your Dunsley wood burning stove to ensure that it is kept in top working condition. For helpful hints on how to best look after your stove have a look at our blog post on maintaining your wood burning stove.

All of our Dunsley products are sourced directly from Dunsley and are shipped directly to us from their base in Yorkshire. You can rest assured that all Dunsley products purchased through us are legitimate and genuine Dunsley made products.

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