Dunsley Highlander Stove Chrome Iron Upper Grate Bar 02107

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Dunsley Highlander Stove Chrome Iron Upper Grate Bar 02107

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Dunsley Highlander Stove Replacement Chrome Iron Upper Grate Bar for Standard Model

All Dunsley Highlander stoves will have grate bars (the number of bars and the type of bars can vary but they all work in the same way). The bars allow air to come from underneath the fuel which helps to encourage good flow of oxygen to support a roasty toasty fire in your stove. Most commonly you will find grate bars made from cast iron but you can also get chrome iron grate bars too (these are generally a bit pricier but are more durable than your regular cast iron so can be worth the investment). Like most things, after enough time and use you may find your grate bars need replacing and these can be purchased individually as needed or as a complete set.

Here on Buy Plumbing Online we exclusively stock genuine authentic Dunsley Stove parts and spares for your Highlander wood burning stoves and we recommend regular inspection and maintenance of your Dunsley wood burning stove to ensure that it is kept in top working condition.

All of our Dunsley products are sourced directly from Dunsley and are shipped directly to us from their base in Yorkshire. You can rest assured that all Dunsley products purchased through us are legitimate and genuine Dunsley made products.

Interested in learning how to best maintain your Dunsley Highlander Wood Burning Stove? Have a look at our stove maintenance blog post.

Important details about the Dunsley Highlander Stove Chrome Iron Upper Grate Bar:

  • Length: 265mm
  • Composition: Chrome Iron
  • Compatible Dunsley Highlander Stoves:
    • Highlander 3
    • Highlander 3 Enviroburn
    • Highlander 5
    • Highlander 5 SOLO
    • Highlander 5 Enviroburn
    • Highlander 5 Enviroburn SOLO
    • Highlander 7
    • Highlander 7 SOLO
    • Highlander 7 Enviroburn
    • Highlander 7 Enviroburn SOLO
    • Highlander 8
    • Highlander 8 CH**
    • Highlander 8 SOLO
    • Highlander 8 CH SOLO**
    • Highlander 8 DF**
    • Highlander 8 DF SOLO**
    • Highlander 8 Enviroburn SOLO
    • Highlander 10*
    • Highlander 10 SOLO*

*If you should have the Highlander 10 Central Heating Model please refer to the Dunsley Highlander 10 Central Heating Upper grate bar in chrome iron.

**DF = Double Front + CH = Central Heating

Dunsley product code: 02107

Should you be having trouble finding a particular part / spare on our site please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We are official stockists of genuine Dunsley parts and spares and are happy to try and source the product directly from the supplier on your behalf.

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