Dirtmag Mini Compact Magnetic Filter 114-1020

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The circulating water in heating and hot water systems will contain debris that has entered the pipe work during installation and construction. Debris can consist of flux residue, thread sealing tape or airborne particles to name a few. Radiators will rust internally over time and this circulates with the lime scale and dirt in the water causing wear and tear, blockages and damage within the system. A tell-tale sign is dirty black sludge which can settle at the bottom of radiators – this is known as black iron oxide.

Fitting a Dirtmag mini filter to the pipe work of the boiler or heating system will attract and trap this sludge by means of a magnetic filter and separator to prevent damage to the heating system. In turn, this will improve efficiency and prolong the lifespan of the system.

Like all parts of the heating system, the Dirtmag mini compact magnetic filter should be maintained.  This will usually coincide with the annual boiler service.

The build up of sludge needs to be removed and can be done easily by unscrewing the bottom of the valve and washing the filter thoroughly under running water.  It is also possible to drain the impurities without disassembling the body just by removing the magnet and opening the dedicated drain – although you should only perform this function when the system is not in operation.

Most boiler manufacturers will extend the warranty of their product if a magnetic filter is installed.



Compact design – suitable for confined spaces or under boiler installation

Fully rotational body, can be installed either horizontally or vertically

Removable internal magnet – 13,000 gauss

High performance dirt separator

Self cleaning function allows debris to be drained from the system without opening the filter body

Full-bore isolation valves mean easy servicing

Integrated manual air vent



Improves the efficiency and the lifespan of your heating system

Increases the efficiency of the heating system, so lowers energy bills

Reduces your carbon footprint



Max percentage of glycol solution: 30%

Max working pressure: 3 bar

Working temperature range: 0 - 90°C

Filter mesh size: 800 µm

Compression end sizes: 22mm

Material: Techno polymer

Dimensions: H 191 x W 67.5 x D 108 mm projection from in-line pipe centre

Altecnic product code : 114-1020

Caleffi product code: 545022

EAN: 8016615615104


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