Danfoss TPOne S DBR Smart Programmable Thermostat 087N785600

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Danfoss TPOne S Intelligent Programmable Room Thermostat with Smart App control.

The TPOne-s is an intuitive programmable thermostat which delivers new levels of user friendly interaction. The large back-lit display uses easy read icons and text information to provide feedback on status and settings to the user.

Secure internet connection to the TPOne Heating smart phone App provides control of your heating from anywhere at any time. This allows the user to adapt their heating on the move saving money when away and improving comfort when returning home.

Installation is simplied by remote switching of the matched RF boiler relay and an optional add on relay can be connected to switch seperate domestic hot water systems. TPOne-S is recommended for fixed installations but also available is an optional table stand and plug in power supply for users who want more flexibility.


  • WiFi Connectivity
  • Remote Controlled via TPOne Heating App
  • A single TPOne-S can be paired with up to 10 mobile devices.
  • One mobile device with TPOne Heating App can be linked with upto 20 TPOne-S thermostats
  • Secure encrypted internet connection via Danfoss cloud services
  • Full local control when WiFi/Internet is unavailable
  • Includes DBR RF boiler relay
  • Holiday Scheduler
  • Upper and Lower Temperature Limits
  • Capacitive Touch Button Control
  • °C or °F Selectable Display
  • Audible Button Click (Selectable)
  • Frost Protection Temperature Setting
  • Selectable Domestic Hot Water timer (requires additional DBR, supplied seperately)
  • Clear Text Display (9 Languages)
  • Boiler Service Timer

TPOne-s Programmable Room Thermostat includes the quick access Comfort Modes interface . To the left of the display are 4 dedicated user buttons. As as a programmable device heating is controlled by a preset schedule but sometimes our schedules change intermittently so we have made it easy for the user to adapt their heating to suit.

The Home, Away & Sleep buttons allow the user to quickly change the current setting to either save energy or deliver comfort when needed. These manual overrides stay until the next scheduled heating change so no need to remember to switch back to automatic control.

The additional standby button also gives the control to stop the heating completely, this will save energy when airing the home or can be used to switch off during Summer months withour having to change the schedule. Standby remains until the user chooses to switch back on.

The Comfort modes are mirrored on the home page of the TPOne Heating App for quick changes on the move.

Danfoss Part Number: 087N785600

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