Danfoss FP720 Two (2) Channel Programmer Timer 087N789800

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Danfoss FP720 Two (2) Channel Programmer Timer 087N789800

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Danfoss FP720 Central Heating + Hot Water Two (2) Channel Programmer Timer

The Danfoss FP720 Two (2) Channel Programmer Timer 087N789800 makes controlling your heating and hot water a simple task. The appeal of the FP720 is that you have 2 channels to control both your hot water and your central heating, we discuss this further in our blog post about setting up the FP720 and how it also comes equipped with a ‘holiday mode’ function so you’re not wasting precious pennies when you’re not at home to enjoy them.

The FP720 heating timer provides flexible schedule setups to easily work with your lifestyle and ensure that heating is only called for during the normal routine in the home. The timers are used to switch on your boiler either directly or via motorised zone valves and when used together with room thermostats can provide full heating and comfort control simply and effectively.

The FP720 includes a large, easy to read backlit display with a simplified and user friendly layout. Current day, time and on/off period is shown in the large top section along with icons showing status of the output channels.

FP720 can be set up to control heating and hot water channels with separate schedules or 2 heating zones (underfloor heating upstairs / downstairs etc).

The FP720 is the direct upgrade on the old FP715si and is a straightforward change (so if you’re used to the workings of the FP715si, the FP720 will be for you). The only main difference you will encounter when installing is the backplate is different so whilst the wires are straightforward you will need to also upgrade the backplate as the FP720 will not fit onto the old backplate of the FP715si (it’s important to note also that the FP720 needs a wee bit more wire length so flexibility in the wires you currently have needs to be factored in).

Features and benefits of the Danfoss FP720 Two (2) Channel Programmer Timer 087N789800:

  • 24hr, 5/2day or 7 day programme schedule
  • AM/PM or 24-hour display
  • 1, 2 or 3 heating periods
  • Auto, boost, On or Off modes / Built-in programmes
  • 2 channel time switch
  • BST / GMT time update, service interval and holiday functions / holiday override
  • Service due timer can be activated by the installer as a gas safety feature for landlords
  • Permanent back lit display / LCD
  • Factory set clock
  • Battery Backup in case of power cut
  • Additional channel for control of a hot water cylinder or a second heating zone
  • 230V mains supply
  • Dimensions of the unit:
    • H: 90mm
    • W: 155mm
    • D: 31mm

Danfoss product code: 087N7882

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