Danfoss Electronic 3-Channel Programmer FP735Si 087N789000

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Danfoss Electronic 3-Channel Programmer FP735Si 087N789000


The FP735Si programmer is a three channel programmer providing outputs for controlling ON and OFF periods for room heating and hot water. Each output channel can operate independently of the others, havinig its own separate timing.

The FP735Si is fully Part L compliant, and provides a single unit solution to fulfil the timing requirements for controlling a Hot Water zone together with two Room Heating zones.

The FP735Si offers up to six "ON-to-OFF" or "OFF-to-ON" changes each day. Independently set for each zone.

Programming Modes

Several programming modes are available for selecting "ON" and "OFF" periods that can suit many domestic needs. 7-day mode allows each day to be programmed individually. 5/2 day mode allows different "ON" and "OFF" periods to be set for the weekend. 24 hour mode for the same settings each day.


The FP735Si allows the user to switch off the Hot Water and Heating for a programmed holiday period. When the end of the holiday date has been reached, the Hot Water and Room Heating will return to normal operation.

+ Hour Override

The FP735Si provides the user the ability to override the running programme. By pressing a key the user can extend a current "ON" time by 1,2 or 3 hours.

Service Interval Timer

The service interval timer allows the installer to select a service due date for the boiler, this can be set at between 28 days and 366 days from the current date.


  • Three Independent Channels
  • 24 Hours, 5/2 Day or 7 Day Programming
  • Back-lit display
  • Built-in holiday function
  • Factory Set Clock
  • Automatic Summer/Winter Time Change
  • Optional Service Interval Timer


Danfoss Part Number: 087N78900 (FP735Si)

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