Croydex Water Saving Shower Hose Adaptor AM164541

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Croydex Water Saving Shower Hose Adaptor AM164541

This Water Saving Shower Adaptor can be used in conjunction with your already installed shower valve saving you money on your water bills. The Shower Adaptor can be fitted between the shower arm and head on fixed head showers and between the mixer valve and hose or hose and handshower for all flexible hose showers.


  • Adaptor can be mounted between the shower arm and showerhead for fixed head showers
  • Adaptor can be mounted between the mixer anf hose or hose and handshower for flexible hose showers
  • 8 litres per minute flow regulator provides a typical saving of 4 litres per minute* 
  • For pressures above 1 Bar

*Type 1 Bath shower mixers from EN 200:2008 deliver 12 litres per minute, showers and bath mixers from EN 1111:1998 deliver 12 litres per minute. 

This universal shower adaptor has been designed to save water on high-pressure systems with pressures above 1 bar where consumption can be excessive and expensive.

It is not suitable for showers that are supplied from low pressure tank fed systems so if your water supply to the tap is from the tank in the roof space do not fit this to your shower.

For Combination boilers and instantaneous water heaters please check the flow rate required to start the appliance heating the water. If the flow rate required is greater than the regulator will provide please choose a higher flowrate regulator otherwise the appliance may not be able to heat the water.

If you are looking a different sized Flow regulator we do sell these in a separate pack, search using part number AM164641 

Croydex Product Code: AM164541


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