Clesse Clip On Regulator Low Pressure 21x10mm 28mbar 1575CB

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Clesse Clip On Regulator Low Pressure  21x10mm 28mbar 1575CB

Clesse Part no: 1575CB

Application: Clip on refulators are connected to the automatic valve of the LPG Cylinder.

This style is designed to give fixed low outlet pressures to domestic appliances such as stoves, cookers, cabinet heaters, BBQ's and Patio heaters etc.

Inlet Connection: 21mm Clip on Connection.

Outlet Connection: 10mm Fulham Hose Nozzle

Inlet Pressure: 0.3 - 7.5 Bar

Outlet Pressure: 29 mbar

Flow Rate (LPG): 1.5 kg/h 21kW


Clip on regulations are easy to install using the new re-enforced locking collar.

They feature a double shutoff: when turning the lever, both cylinder valve and a complimentary internal valve stop the flow of gas.

They have adisconection safety: disconnection is only possible when the lever is in the off position.

Clip on regulators include thermal safety device incase of fire. 




Caravan Touring (Pre 2004)

LPG Type: Butane (From 7KG upwards)

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