How should you water plants in the sun this summer?

How should you water plants in the sun this summer?

The incoming summer looks to be a good one for watering your plants in the sun with long warm days spent outdoors soaking up the rays and all that nature has to offer… but if you think you’ll be smelling the salty fragrances of the meditteranean coast when the holidays roll around - think again! It’s looking more and more likely that we will be having a staycation as opposed to a vacation abroad this year. So if you want to make your own patch of earth a lovely lush botanical oasis you’ll need to make sure you can water it! We look at the must have garden watering products to make watering your garden and plants easy this summer.

Why a retractable garden hose is a must for your garden

The Garden Water Hose: Hozelock Compact Reel Garden Hose and Fittings

The absolute essential to any garden regardless of its size is water, all living things need it and nothing more so than plants. Some plants can forgo soil provided there’s ample water on hand (hello hydroponics). Don’t let your leafy friends go thirsty - quench their thirst with the Hozelock compact reel garden hose! With the compact reel you’ll be armed with a steady stream of H2O and all to a distance of 25 meters. It’s a brilliantly compact unit that packs a punch and is super easy to install. It will make delivering water to all parts of your garden and outdoor space simple. Be warned though - once you get one you’ll have little excuse left as to why you haven’t washed the car or the windows for that matter.


  • Compact and sturdy design
  • Has a top handle if you want to keep it mobile (also can be easily wall mounted)
  • Easy manual rewind handle
  • Includes fittings and accessories so you can essentially plug and play (hose, threaded tap connector, hose end connectors and a nozzle)
  • Fully compatible with other Hozelock hose accessories
  • 5 year guarantee (when you register your compact reel online)
  • Proudly made in the UK

Hozelock compact reel garden house fitted to an external red brick wall with a woman in the background using it to water her garden

How to water orchids and roses and other delicate plants

The Water Multi Spray Gun: Hozelock Multi Spray Watering Gun

Strong robust plants like your hedges and shrubs might like a strong firm soaking whilst other more delicate flora like orchids and roses will prefer something gentler like a soft mist or light spray. Now you’re probably thinking this means you’ll have to buy a few different watering tools to give your garden a drink. Don’t panic! You can get a range of spray types and all in one product with the Hozelock Multi Spray Gun. The Hozelock multi-spray gun makes watering all your plants delightfully simple - no need to change accessories when you’ve got all the spray options in one device.


  • 5 different spray patterns (cone, fan, fast fill, fine rose, jet)
  • Control features a lockable on/off trigger with a separate flow control
  • Ideal for cleaning and watering (so treat the car, garden furniture, pavers and windows to a good
  • targeted soak as well as your hedges and your rose bushes)
  • 1 year guarantee
  • Proudly made in the UK

Blonde woman in teal coloured blouse watering her plants using a Hozelock water spray gun

Why a water garden sprinkler is the best way to water your lawn

The Water Garden Sprinkler: Hozelock Rectangular Garden Sprinkler Plus

Fancy something a little less labour intensive to water your lawn? Perhaps something the kids and the dog can enjoy and all it will take is the twist of a knob? Look no further because your rectangular saviour is here! Nothing screams wholesome summer fun more in a garden than the trusty sprinkler. Plug that bad boy in, let the water flow, sit back and enjoy - everyone wins! Keep the kids entertained and the lawn evenly quenched with 2 watering patterns and a coverage area that ranges from 180m² through to 260m² you’ll get a lot of use and fun out of this sprinkler and it certainly beats standing around getting sunburnt while waving a hose about wondering if you’ve evenly watered your prized ryegrass.


  • 2 different spray patterns (large rectangle / small rectangle)
  • Super even coverage thanks to the water powered motor and jets within
  • Oscillating sprinkler that can be adjusted to do a full or part rectangle
  • Coverage range of: 180m², 200m², 260m²
  • Jet spray pattern via 15, 17, 20 spray bar holes
  • 2 year guarantee
  • Proudly made in the UK

A boy and a girl playing in the garden and jumping over a Hozelock rectangular garden sprinkler

If you’re eager to get cracking with preparing your garden for your summer staycation this year then don’t forget to jump over and have a look at the other Hozelock products and accessories we sell. We have a range of Hozelock products on our website and all with free standard UK wide delivery, so whether you’re after some bits and bobs for your existing garden hose or maybe a brand new hose altogether we’ve got it all. Have fun in the sun this summer and don’t forget your sunscreen!

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