Our top 4 Gas Safety Tips for Gas Safety Week

Our top 4 Gas Safety Tips for Gas Safety Week

Gas Safety, gas safety, gas safety! It isn’t the most exciting topic of discussion but put simply - it saves lives. Safety on any project should always be front and center on everyone’s mind so with safety being important to us as it is no doubt important to you - we are here to celebrate and promote Gas Safety Week and it’s 10 yer anniversary!

A decade ago this week the Gas Safe Register launched Gas Safety Week - an initiative to help promote gas safety awareness not just amongst those in the industry but in the general population as well. Like did you know that carbon monoxide poisoning affects over a thousand people each year and can in some cases be fatal? That’s a horrendous number when you think about it, a number that could be drastically reduced and perhaps eliminated with regular gas safety checks and precautions… So with that mind let’s look at our top 4 tips for gas safety that you can action at your home!


Our top 4 tips for Gas Safety around your home


1. Annual Safety Check

You check your car annually to make sure it’s running right and you may even get an annual health checkup with your GP so why not do the same for your gas set up around your home? Get a Gas Safe registered engineer to check all your gas related appliances and pipework around your property. They’ll give you reassurance that your home is safe and there aren’t any gas leaks that may perhaps go unnoticed by the untrained eye - ie you.

2. Know the CO poisoning signs

Would you know if you or someone in your home was suffering from CO poisoning? CO poisoning is often a silent killer so arm yourself with the knowledge of knowing the symptoms of CO poisoning so you can act fast if you think someone at home might be a victim. Keep an eye out for headaches, dizziness, nausea, and breathlessness as early warning signs, the more severe indicators are collapse and loss of consciousness - but let’s hope it never gets that far!

3. Get an alarm - a loud one

Smoke alarms, security alarms, CO alarms - they all have their purpose and it’s always to keep you and your home safe. If you have gas in your home then you should have a CO alarm installed. CO poisoning is a silent killer so break the silence with an audible alarm, you can buy one here - should a leak occur, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that as you have installed an alarm, you’ll definitely be alerted to the leak!

4. Ventilation

This is a pretty simple thing but keep your chimneys and air vents clear and free of blockages - make it part of your cleaning routine to check these regularly as oftentimes furniture gets shifted in front of vents, birds can create blockages in your chimneys… put reminders on your calendar to check them periodically, better to be safe than sorry!


Now go out there and be gas safe! Don’t forget one of the simplest things you can do is to ensure you have a working CO alarm in your home. We sell them here and as always we can get it to you with free UK wide delivery (regardless of your postcode). So whether you’re out in the remote Western Isles or you’re in the London CBD - we’ve got you covered.

Got more Q’s about anything you’ve read here or perhaps you’re after a particular part that you’re having trouble tracking down? Give us a call on 01862 808040 and we’ll be happy to help you in any way we can.

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