Meet Our Plumbing & Heating Experts

Meet Our Plumbing & Heating Experts

Whether you’re new to Buy Plumbing Online or you’re a return customer, you’ve come to us because you’re needing a part or product to complete a job. Generally you’ll probably know exactly what you’re after, other times however you might be needing that extra bit of help or technical know-how and if that’s the case then our fountain of knowledge is a mere phone call away.

But if you call or email us, who is it that you’ll be speaking to? Just who are the faces that keep Buy Plumbing Online ticking along behind the scenes? It’s time we introduced you to the trio that possess the 80+ years of combined knowledge and experience - read on to learn more about our 3 plumbing and heating experts and how their free expert advice can help you.

Meet our plumbing and heating industry experts

Ally - founder and director


ALLY | Founder & Director

Ally has been in the plumbing trade since way back. He has lived and breathed the industry ever since entering it as a bright eyed and bushy tailed apprentice at the age of 16. Originally from the picturesque hamlet of Glenfinnan in the Lochaber region of the Highlands, Ally made his way North to Inverness to complete his apprenticeship and has remained an Invernesian resident ever since. A qualified plumber by trade, his expertise in the industry and technical knowledge expands more than 40 years. Ally is fortunate to have hands on know-how and skill that only truly seasoned professionals like him possess.

Ian - Trade Counter Expert


IAN | Trade Counter

Ian is our resident master of the trade counter and a Highland native. Like Ally he has been in the industry most of his life and has in excess of 20 years experience. Whilst not a qualified plumber by trade he has been immersed in the plumbing and heating game long enough to know exactly what he’s talking about and is always happy to offer sound and easily understood advice to both professionals and DIYers who seek help with a particular project or tricky issue. He is the face that man's our in-store trade counter and often the friendly voice at the other end of the phone line that can help answer your queries when you’re stuck to find an answer yourself.


Paul - Branch Manager


Paul | Branch Manager

Paul is the glue that binds our online and in-store presence. As our branch manager he is a resident jack of all trades - he keeps the online orders moving and also manages the day-to-day operations in-store oftentimes jumping behind the counter alongside Ian when things get busy. Paul has more than 20 years experience in the game and like Ian he possesses a vast fountain of knowledge for all things plumbing and heating. His technical expertise means he will often be the go to expert for answering phone and email queries relating to product, installation or compatibility questions.



It’s nice to finally put a face to a name, so regardless of who you’re talking to, you’ll know that you’re in capable, helpful hands with Ally, Ian and Paul. If you’d prefer to come in and chat in person you’re always welcome to pop by our branch in Tain.

When visiting our Tain branch and trade counter you will also be impressed by our bathroom showroom where we offer an in-house bathroom design service. With our bathroom design service Ally will work with you personally one on one to help you design your ideal bathroom and make your bathroom dreams a reality.

Want to get in touch with us and chat with one of our experts directly? Maybe you need some free plumbing and heating advice - then our guys are the ones to chat with. Feel free to give us a call on 01862 808040, alternatively you can email us anytime here. If you’re thinking you might like to have a look about our showroom then you can find us at:

Site 4, Blarliath Industrial Estate
Tain, IV19 1EB

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