Getting your garden summer ready with before and after photos

Getting your garden summer ready with before and after photos

Get motivated and start enjoying your outdoor space this summer

Summer has arrived! Well to be fair it’s been here for a few weeks now but this coming week we are actually seeing temperatures in the 30s in a few parts of the UK so it is definitely outdoor weather. Make the most of the sunshine by flexing your green thumb this weekend. Take a look at my before and after photos for inspiration to get your garden summer ready!

The garden before clean up

Sadly my home doesn’t possess the palatial manicured grounds of the likes of Versailles however it does bring me great joy in the summer even if it is small (we have a paved courtyard and deck out the back with some wall baskets but not a smidgen of grass). A small garden for me is ideal for flexing my green thumb and enjoying a chance to be productive outdoors with some garden maintenance of a weekend. 

To give you an idea of the size of the garden I have to play with, let me just say it’s bijou haha. There’s a paved path running down the middle with lawn on either side and under our front window we have 2 giant whisky barrel planters exploding with flowers, the garden is enclosed by a painted picket fence and whilst it is wee, it’s perfect for my needs and being only small it is nice and easy to maintain - mowing it can be done during football halftime which to me is ideal!

Messy front garden with gardening tools and flowers awaiting planting

The garden after clean up

Behold the fruits of my labor! A couple of hours later, 2 dirty gloves, a t-shirt soaked in sweat, a garbage bag full of garden waste and a couple of chipped nails and my garden is summer ready. There’s something awfully satisfying about a bit of elbow grease and hard graft - especially when the reward at the end is a refreshing bevvy in hand while you sit back and survey your freshly manicured surrounds smugly from your front step.

Regardless of the size of your garden or yard, the same basic principals to get it summer ready and cleaned up apply. Have a read below to see what steps I took to clean up my garden and see which ones you can apply to your own outdoor space this weekend.

Tidy garden with freshly mowed lawn and newly potted plants and flowers

The steps I took to get my garden summer ready

  1. Get the strimmer out and do the edges! I find doing this first helps with cleaning up at the end as the mower acts as an outdoor hoover vacuuming up all the bits of leafy debris.
  2. Dig up those weeds. You definitely want to do this before you’ve mowed to avoid them spreading. Be sure to throw the dug up weeds in your garbage bag so that any missed ones aren’t flung about by the mower to propagate further.
  3. Time to mow! Back in Australia I’d be using a trusty pull start petrol mower but for a small garden like mine my trusty electric mower does the job in no time at all.
  4. Get stuck into your flowers! Roll up those sleeves and channel your inner flower child. I’m a fan of lavender as it’s hardy and bees love it but honestly go with whatever floats your boat just be sure to check that what you’re wanting to plant is suitable for your intended area.
  5. Feed and seed! Sprinkle some grass seed about your lawn to help thicken it in places that may need attention and while you’re at it give your flowers some food in the form of fertilizer or plant food pellets to help those flowers really thrive.
  6. Bring on the wet stuff! Your lawn and your plants deserve a good drink (no doubt you have earned one yourself). A sprinkler set up on the lawn is perfect, consider a garden sprinkler to give your grass a good soak. For watering your plants and flowers a spray gun attached to the end of your garden hose is ideal.


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Now go forth and enjoy the sunshine this weekend by getting your garden summer ready!

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