Fernox LS-X External Leak Sealer BOGOF Offer!

Fernox LS-X External Leak Sealer BOGOF Offer!

Now we know that Fernox LS-X is a reliable, fast acting, silicone paste which is used most commonly as a powerful sealer for external leaks but did you also know it is designed for use on both hot and cold water services as well as potable water? It’s a brilliantly versatile product and one of those items you’ll be glad you have in your box of kit.

Situations to use Fernox LS-X External Leak Sealer

  • Address small weeps:
    - around compression joints
    - on a joint where PTFE has been used
    - around waste connections
    - around fittings
    - on olives
  • can also be helpful to buy you time by temporarily sealing some larger leaks until you’re able to sort a more permanent repair solution

Things to be mindful of:

Best to use gloves wherever possible when using it as it’s quite sticky to remove off of your fingers
Once opened the product can set near the cap end but it is still usable by piercing the tube strategically to squeeze out the product

Thinking you need a bright yellow tube in your life? Well we have got you covered… twice!

Exclusive Fernox LS-X Buy One Get One Free Offer! (BOGOF)


Throw one in your kit and leave one in your van - because we’ve got a BUY ONE GET ONE FREE deal that means you can do just that. To get your hands on this awesome offer just click here and be sure to add a tube of Fernox LS-X External Leak Sealer to your shopping cart. When you order directly from Buy Plumbing Online we will automatically ship you out 2 tubes when you purchase 1 tube - this offer is strictly a Buy Plumbing Online direct offer and purely while stocks last so get in quick!

Don’t miss out and never turn up to a job without a trusty tube of Fernox LS-X.

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