Thomas Dudley Vantage Concealed Cistern - Quick Review

Thomas Dudley Vantage Concealed Cistern - Quick Review

The Thomas Dudley vantage cistern is designed specifically for use within bathroom furniture, behind tiles or partitioned situations which require a concealed cistern.

A great option for the trade installer or enthusiastic DIYer with it being factory assembled and ready to go out of the box. As the unit features a push fit water inlet and flush pipe connections, it’s a complete package concealed cistern that can be installed straight out of the box with relative ease.

The cistern works using pneumatic air hoses making it flexible when deciding where to fit the button on the furniture or wall - put simply… you can put the button near anywhere you like which leaves you with lots of options, especially if your concealed cistern mightn’t be located in the most convenient of places due to an oddly shaped or tight fitted room.


Features of the Dudley Vantage Concealed Cistern

  • Compact design
  • WRAS approved flushing valve
  • Factory assembled with push fit connections for easy installation
  • Built in isolating valve
  • Front and top access panels
  • Water saving options 5/3 litre or 4/2.6 litre options,
  • Delay fill water inlet valve saves water by only refilling the cistern once the flushing process is complete.


Thomas Dudley Vantage Cistern Product Image & Internal components displayed as if the outer casing were clear

Pros of the Dudley Vantage Concealed Cistern

With front access panels it removes the need to have an access point on the worktop, so your placement of the cistern is not restricted in that aspect.

There’s a wide choice of buttons and flush plates to complement a variety of bathroom and washroom styles that are fully compatible with the Vantage cistern.

Option to have a cistern with an insulation jacket which helps prevent a build-up of condensation which is a nice practical option to reduce the chances of damp and mold/mildew.

Full range of spare parts and components available off the shelf.

Cons of the Dudley Vantage Concealed Cistern

May not be compatible with comfort height toilets depending on furniture height. Dudley Miniflo concealed cistern would be a suitable alternative in this case.

Whilst it’s fair to say that the Thomas Dudley Vantage Cistern is likely not the cheapest concealed cistern on the market it is a quality British made product that is worth the investment. It is easy to sum it up as a well-made durable cistern with multiple button designs to choose from which understandably explains its popularity among the professionals and novices alike. Unlike some unbranded concealed cisterns on the market the Thomas Dudley cistern has a full range of spares available should you ever require them.



Convinced the Vantage cistern is the right concealed cistern for you? Then you can purchase it online here. If you’re looking to get a flush plate / button along with the Vantage cistern then we also have a range of bundled options available online. However if you’ve still got some Qs and need to speak to an expert in the field then give us a call on 01862 808040 and chat with a member of our team, we’re experts in all things plumbing and heating and are happy to answer any queries you may have about the Dudley Vantage Concealed Cistern, just give us a ring!

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