How to determine your model of Dunsley Highlander Stove

How to determine your model of Dunsley Highlander Stove

If you’ve checked over your stove and realise that you need a replacement part then you’ll want to be sure that you’re getting the right part for your particular model of stove. We exclusively sell genuine Dunsley Highlander Stove parts and spares. So if you find yourself asking “what kind of Dunsley Highlander stove do I have?” - worry not! We will help you figure that out. We have some easy tips on helping you to correctly determine the model you have so you order the right part for your particular Dunsley Highlander stove. Below you will find some easy details to look for to help you accurately determine the model of Dunsley Highlander Stove you have so that you can order the correct part for your particular model.


Easy ways to identify your model of Dunsley Highlander stove

  • The series of stove you have will be on a small plaque on the side of your stove, this plaque is also where you will find the knob to use your Dunsley Operating Tool (see image) you’ll be able to tell whether you’ve got a Highlander 5, a Highlander 7, Highlander 8 etc on this plaque.


The plaque on the side of your Dunsley Highlander stove which states the model number

  • The first obvious difference between a Highlander Enviro-Burn and a Highlander Enviro-Burn Solo is in the design of the door handle. A standard Enviro-Burn will have a simple knob handle on the door whereas the Solo version of the Enviro-Burn will have a longer lever-like handle. There’s also some other slight differences to the style/decoration of the front facade but they’re purely aesthetic and don’t affect the function or performance of the stove.


  • The second difference in design that you will notice is the retaining bar. In the Highlander Enviro-Burn range you will find the retaining bar has a toothed design (the bar looks like it has a sharp squared off tooth design) whereas on the SOLO range there is a curved wave design. However there is an exception to this rule! One which we ended up getting on the phone and chatting with the folks down at Dunsley directly about… turns out that the SOLO SG range is the anomaly to this rule and has the toothy retaining bar instead of the wave. But whyyy? We hear you ask… turns out the folks at Dunsley decided that the square door suited the squared off teeth design of the toothy retaining bar over the curved wave SOLO one… so there you have it - the more you know eh!


Side by side images of Dunsley Highlander stove variations: Enviroburn, SOLO and SOLO SG


Other model variations will be fairly obvious like double door vs single door and slimline vs standard, or pedestal and log storage etc. The main thing is that you determine what series and variation of Dunsley Highlander stove you have - knowing your specific Dunsley Highlander stove will help you to select the correct genuine Dunsley part or spare that you are needing.

The Dunsley Highlander parts and spares that we stock


Know what model stove you have and want to peruse the parts? We’ve got you covered - just click on the respective category below to view the parts and spares we have for your model of Dunsley Highlander wood burning stove:


So whether the variant you have is a standard Dunsley Highlander Enviro-Burn, the Dunsley Highlander Enviro-Burn Solo or even the Dunsley Enviro-Burn Solo SG you’ll be able to find the part you’re needing here at Buy Plumbing Online. If however you’re still in doubt just take a few photos of your stove and give us a call on 01862 808040, we can have you send these over via email to review and then we’ll chat with you to discuss any parts you might need and how to install them if you’re unsure.

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