Danfoss Heating Control FP720 Timer & Digital Programmer - Quick Review

Danfoss Heating Control FP720 Timer & Digital Programmer - Quick Review

The Danfoss FP720 is a direct upgrade on the old model FP715si digital heating timer and programmer, it is a 2 channel programmer which allows you to control a heating system with two independent heating zones for central heating and hot water (you can have either two heating zones or one heating zone and one hot water control). It has multiple functions for bringing on the heating and hot water, there’s up to 3 on and off periods per day as well as having a weekday and weekend option or 24 hour period set up - so depending on your timing preferences, there’s bound to be a setup ideal for your needs.


There’s also a new layout on the FP720 compared to previous models. This new layout allows easy control with pre-set times to bring on the heating or hot water, along with these also comes a boost function for instant heat or hot water should you need it in a hurry.


This heating timer and programmer is aimed at the domestic consumer with its easy to use display and navigation. It is perfect for anyone looking to control multiple zoned heating, or heating and hotwater independently. As a digital heating timer it is ideal if you’re looking to upgrade your current timer or programmer or if you’re planning on a new build or central heating system and want a stylish, straightforward and sleek heating timer that you don’t need a computing degree to set up.


Initial impressions are great - comes in the signature Danfoss red and white box, inside you will find the unit, instruction booklet and a small plastic bag with the screws and fixings to wall mount the unit. It’s a straightforward package, no unnecessary bits and bobs to confuse you - installation and setup is easy and simple, just follow the directions outlined in the booklet.



Pros of the Danfoss FP720

The new feature function of this programmer compared to its older model is that this can be set up to control two heating zones - as an example, this can be particularly useful if you have underfloor heating downstairs and radiators upstairs. It also has a larger, brighter and clearer display screen compared to its predecessor so the functions are more clearly defined. In terms of pricing, for a unit made by an industry leader like Danfoss this unit is very competitively priced in comparison to other units on the market.


Features of the Danfoss FP720

  • Large bright backlit led display & intuitive layout

  • Clear large text making the display easy to read

  • Multiple functions: 24-hour, weekday/weekend or 7-day periods

  • Up to three on and off functions in one 24 hour period

  • Holiday mode

  • Also offers an additional channel for either hot water time control or the control of a second heating area (ie upstairs/downstairs)


Cons of the Danfoss FP720

If you are changing from its predecessor the FP715SI you will need to rewire it using the new back plate provided as the FP720 will not fit onto an existing FP715SI back plate - this is a small inconvenience when compared to the improvements made on the old design.


All in all we cannot fault the Danfoss FP720, while the thought of rewiring the new back plate might seem tedious it is a small one off inconvenience when you compare it to the improvements that come with the new design and upgrade to the old model. So with those considerations in mind we give the new Danfoss FP720 an enthusiastic thumbs up.


If you are curious about the FP720, have some technical questions or would like to chat with us directly just give us a call on 01862 808040 - alternatively if you would prefer to email us you can do so here. However if you are convinced the Danfoss FP720 is the right item for you, you can buy it directly here on our site with free postage UK wide regardless of your postcode!

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