Baxi O Ring 22mm X 3mm 247429

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Baxi O Ring 247429 22mm x 3mm (Pack of 1)

Compatible with the following boilers:

Baxi Combi 80 Eco, Maxflue, 80E

Baxi Duo-Tec 24HE, 28HE, 33HE, 40HE

Baxi Combi 24HE, 30HE, 105HE

Baxi Combi Instant 80HE, 105HE

Baxi System IE 24HE, 28HE

Baxi Megaflo 15HE, 18HE, 24HE, 28HE, 32HE

Baxi Platinum 24HE, 28HE, 28HE A, 33HE, 33HE A, 40HE, 40HE A

Baxi Combi 24, 24HE, 30HE

Baxi System 18HE, 24HE, 28HE, 28HE IE, 24Eco, 24Eco Elite, 28Eco, 28 Eco Elite

Main Combi Eco 25, Eco Elite 25, Eco 30, Eco Elite 30

Potterton Gold 18HE A, 24HE, 24HE A, 28HE, 28HE A, 33HE, 33HE A

Potterton Heatmax Combi 24 HE, 28HE, 33HE

Potterton Perfoma 24 Eco HE, 24i HE,

Potterton Performa 28, 30HE

Potterton Performa System 12HE, 18HE, 24HE, 28HE

Potterton Promax Combi 24HE Plus, 28HE Plus, 33HE Plus 

Potterton Promax HE Store (90L,115L,150L)

Potterton Promax System 12HE Plus, 15HE Plus, 24HE Plus, 32HE Plus

Potterton Promax Store 24HE Boiler

Potterton Titanium 24, 28, 33, 40

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