Baxi Joint Assembly 247998

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Baxi Joint Assembly 247998 with Free Standard Delivery in the UK


Compatible with the following boilers:

Baxi Combi 80 Eco, Maxflue, 80E

Baxi Combi 24HE

Baxi Combi Instant 80HE, 105HE

Baxi System 35/60, 60/100

Baxi Megaflo 15HE, 18HE, 24HE, 28HE, 32HE

Baxi Platinum 24HE, 28HE, 28HE A, 33HE, 33HE A, 40HE, 40HE A

Baxi Combi 24

Potterton Perfoma 24, 28, 28i 

Potterton Performa System 12E, 18E, 24E, 28E

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