Altecnic HV Nitrogen Filled Expansion Vessel 8 Litre HV8C

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Altecnic 8 Litre HV Nitrogen Filled 5 Year Warranty Expansion Vessel HV8C

Altecnic offer a complete range of expansion vessels to meet the requirements of most heating or cooling systems.


The two halves of the vessel and the diaphragm are retained by a crimped collar to give a pressure tight seal.

Non replaceable diaphragm

Suitable for flow temperatures up to 120°C, resistant to ethylene or propylene glycol mixtures and has low gas premeability.

Altecnic expansion vessels are all tested according to the pressure systems directive. 

The Altecnic HV Heating expansion vessels come with a 5 year warranty.


Shell: Carbon Steel

Diaphragm: Synthetic rubber compound

Coating: Powder Epoxy


Max Working Pressure: 3 bar

Test Pressure: 1.5 x max working pressure

Max flow operating temperature: 120°C

Max vessel operating temperature: 70°C

Factory pre-charge: 1.5 bar - nitrogen

Capacity: 8 Litre


Height: 235mm

Diameter: 272mm

Connection: 3/4" BSP

Product Code: HV8C

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