Altecnic Dirtmag Brass Dirt Separator 1 546306 Horizontal Caleffi

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Dirtmag Brass Dirt Separator 1" 546306 Horizontal by Caleffi with Free Standard Delivery in the UK

The Dirtmag dirt separator is manufactured from brass with an internal filter element and external magnet.

The magnet is positioned around the body below the flow line for improved collection of ferrous particles.

The conventional method is to postion the magnet inside the collection chamber but the Dirtmag has the magnet positioned around it, helping too maintain a low pressure loss.

Supplied with female threaded connections.

Supllied with parallel threaded ends complying with BS EN ISO 228-1 and hose union ball blow down valve.

Top connection threaded 1/2" female supplied with blanking plug.

Pipe Orientation: Horizontal 

Size: 1" BSP

Connections: Screwed iron f x f

Technical Spec:

Medium: Water glycol solution

Max percentage of glycol: 50%

Max Working Pressure: 10 Bar

Temperature Range: 0 - 110°C

Minimum Particle Size: 5 µm

Product Code: 546306

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