Altecnic Balancing Valve with Flow Meter 1.1/2 30-120 l/m 132802

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Altecnic Balancing Valve with Flow Meter 1.1/2" 30-120 Litre/Min 132802

Balancing Valves are required in heating and chilled water systems to help achieve the correct flow rate, calculated by the system designer, flows through the designated circuit in the system.

The system designer calculates the required flow rate for each heat emitter or cooling coil to ensure a comfortable room temperature is maintained.

Balancing valves, when regulated, force water from the most favoured to the least favoured circuits to achieve the design flow rate confirmed by measuring the actual flow rate.

A correctly balanced system us essential to achieve the design specification, thermal comfort and minium energy consumption.

The Altecnic 132 Balancing valve has a flow meter for direct reading of the regulated flow rate, housed in a bypass on the valve body which is normally isolated during normal operation.

The Flow meter allows fast and easy Balancing of the circuit with the need to attach a monometer of differential pressure gauge.

Supplied with female parallel threaded ends complying with BS EN ISO 228-1

Technical Specification:

Meduim: water/glycol solution

Max percentage of glycol: 50%

Max working pressure: 10 bar

Working temperature range: -10 to 110°c

Size: 1.1/2" BSP

Flow Rate: 30 to 120 l/m

Product Code: 132802

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