Altecnic 523050 MixCal MixPro Thermostatic Mixing Valve 3/4

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Altecnic MixCal MixPro® Thermostatic Mixing Valve 3/4" 523050

Thermostatic mixing valves are used to maintain the domestic hot water supplied to the user at a constant and safe temperature, when variations in the hot and cold water supply conditions and draw off flow rates occur.

The MixCal MixPro® range has been designed especially for centralised systems which demand high flow rates, for example with multiple outlets such as shower and wash basins.

Operating Principle

The controlling element of the mixing valve is a temperature sensor fully immersed in the mixed water outlet port which expands or contracts continuely maintaining the correct proportion of hot and cold water entering the valve.

Even when the supply pressures drop due to draw off of hot and cold water by other users on the same system or variations in the incoming water temperatures, the mixing valve automatically responds and maintains the mixed outlet water at the required temperature.

Technical Specification:

Max working pressure: 14 bar (Static) 5 bar (Dynamic)

Max Inlet temperature: 85°c

Max Inlet pressure ratio (H/C or C/H) 2:1

Setting Range: 30 to 65°C

Male Thread Size: 3/4" BSP

Product Code: 523050

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